• 5 Important Points To Make Your Articles More Search Engine Friendly

    Articles are the integral part of any website, and since these are the things that people are usually searching when they visit your website, you have to write the best articles for your website to ensure the best performance of your website in the search engine. Many website owners, while they love to update their website with new articles regularly, don’t really give much thought to the SEO aspect of their articles. Thus, those articles are just sitting there, without gaining any traffic from the search engine. Here are 5 important points to make your articles more search engine friendly:

    1. Connect Each Article With Relevant Links

    The problem with most website content is that each article is made not to be relevant to each other. Each article stands independently from the others, which is quite a disadvantage for the whole website itself. From the SEO standpoint, you don’t have much advantage to rank your content high if your articles are standing independently, without any connection with the other articles in your website. The best way to change this is that you should keep each article relevant with other articles, and give them relevant links to other articles to give more information to the readers.

    2. Make A Series Of Articles Explaining One Topic

    When you talk about one topic, it is good enough for you to explain about it in one article. But, even better, you should explain that topic in multiple articles to provide more in-depth information to your audience. In this way, your audience can learn more about that topic from your website. It is best to create a series of articles to explain one topic, instead of writing about one topic in one long article.

    3. Keep Your Article Length Not Too Short And Not Too Long

    Give your audience short articles, and they may not be able to trust your content. But, give your audience long articles, and they may not be willing to read it. So, you need to keep your articles not too long and not too short. This is important, since it matters most for your website to retain as many readers as possible, since it is what can drive more traffic back to you. The good news is that your article length matters, and it can influence the readership level in your website.

    4. Provide As Clear And As Detailed Information As Possible

    For each article that you write, you should provide as much information as possible to your audience. This is the way you provide value to your website visitors. The more value you provide, the better it will be for your website. Your website visitors visit your website and read your articles because they want to find valuable information that can benefit them. They want to find the solution to solve their problem, so make sure to make each article valuable to your audience.

    5. Focus On Quality Over Quantity

    If you should choose between publishing a lot of low quality articles per week and publishing a few high quality articles per week, your choice should go to publishing a few high quality articles per week. This is because quality is more important than quantity. The overall quality of your website will affect how search engines value your website, and the more valuable your website for the search engines, the more it will be ranked high in the search result.