• 5 Tips To Maximize Your Website SEO While Keeping A Great User Experience

    SEO is often too complicated for many people, especially those who have their website set up for the first time. Many people think that SEO is all about stuffing keywords into their web pages, and by doing that, they hope that their web pages begin to climb in rank. With this misunderstanding, many website owners might overdo their SEO, which might in turn damage their user experience. In fact, people might not be willing to visit their website due to the overabundance of keywords that they have. If you don’t want that to happen, here are 5 tips to maximize your website SEO while keeping a great user experience:

    1. Don’t Get Too Technical About SEO

    Nowadays, you can no longer fool the search engine by applying various SEO techniques in your website all at the same time. For instance, while adding keywords to certain places on your website might help you to rank your website well in the search engine, it doesn’t need to be done strictly. In fact, you don’t need to fill all of your IMG tags or ALT tags with keywords. Just pick the ones that you think are important, and move on.

    2. It’s Not All About Keywords

    SEO is not all about keywords, and rather, it is all about how you can keep the relevancy of your web pages with the keywords that you target. So, optimizing your website for the search engine doesn’t really mean putting all of your target keywords into your web pages. Instead, you just need to write your content on each page in a way that keeps the highest relevancy to your target keywords. Even without including any of your target keywords, you can still win the highest place in the search engine if you keep a high keyword relevancy in your web pages.

    3. Balance Between Search Engines And Website Visitors

    You are writing your content mainly for your visitors, not for the search engines. So, be sure to communicate well with your visitors through your content. You need to balance your SEO strategy and make sure that you prioritize your visitors instead of the search engines. The best tip that you can follow is that your keywords don’t matter much. As long as more people are visiting your page and are happy with what they get, your ranking can naturally improve in the search engine.

    4. Too Much SEO Is Not Good

    SEO is something that you don’t need to be obsessed about. In fact, many websites out there get their high ranking not because of focusing their efforts on the SEO. But, they focus their efforts to give their website visitors the best experience possible. By writing high quality content, for example, they can easily attract more and more visitors, and in so doing, improve their search engine ranking gradually.

    5. Gradual Improvement Of Your Website Is Better

    If you have a good SEO strategy, it is always better for you not to implement your SEO all at once. It is better to implement it gradually, one step at a time. First, it’s because you don’t want the search engines to become suspicious of your website behaviors. And second, it’s because SEO is a long-term process, and should be regarded as such. Thus, when you plan on applying any SEO strategy, always implement it little by little on your website. That way, you can strengthen your place on the search engine more effectively.